Newborn Care Specialist Training

McKallen Medical Training is offering a Newborn Care Special Training
in partnership with Mothers Helping Hands Atlanta.

Newborn Care Specialist Training

Are you passionate about providing exceptional care for newborns and supporting new parents during this transformative time?

The Professional Newborn Care Specialist Training Course is a non-medical, child-care development course designed to help aspiring childcare professionals learn foundational newborn care skills to provide high-level childcare to young infants, while supporting new parents to adjust to life with their bundle of joy.

This course is specifically designed to prepare aspiring care professionals who wish to transition into the newborn care industry and advance the skills. Most of our usual course participants possess backgrounds as nannies, doulas, caregivers, daycare workers, CNAs, HHAs, LPNs, RNs, moms and those with little to no experience at all. Wherever you are in your career, we are well-equipped to prepare you for what's ahead!

Course Details

Training Program Overview

Our Newborn Care Specialist Training program is designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in newborn care. The program consists of 12 comprehensive modules covering various aspects of newborn care. Each module will be released every two weeks, and a quiz will follow the completion of the program. Study at your own pace during the asynchronous course.

This12-week online course includes:

MODULE 1: Introduction to Newborn Care
MODULE 2: Pregnancy and Prenatal
MODULE 3: Delivery and Postpartum
MODULE 4: The Newborn Profile
MODULE 5: Baby’s First Year
MODULE 6: Crying and Discomfort
MODULE 7: Comforting Techniques
MODULE 8: Newborn Nutrition and Feeding
MODULE 9: Colic and Reflux
MODULE 10: Basic Health and Hygiene
MODULE 11: Newborn Safety
MODULE 12: Starting your own Newborn Care Services business

What’s Included

Our course is all-inclusive with virtual, self-paced training, narrated videos, hands-on material, end of module testing and your official certificate package.

What’s Needed

In addition to reliable internet connection and a mobile/desktop, we recommend dedicating at least 10-15 hours per week to ensure you master all course material and matriculate appropriately.

Certification of Training

All students who successfully pass the final exam with a score of 80% will receive a training certification as proof of their participation and mastery of course material. Mothers Helping Hands is offering a 2-month mentorship program for individuals interested in starting their own business, completely free of charge. This program, valued at over $300. Participants will gain access to the mentorship program upon successful completion of the training.

You can use the skills learned in this training anywhere within the United States and Canada. However, if you live outside of the USA we cannot guarantee every agency will accept your certificate.

How much can you make: Newborn Care Specialists earn anywhere from $35/hour, and their rates adjust according to the number of babies they care for and whether they choose to establish their own business or work for an established company.

Learning Method: Virtual, Self-Paced

Tuition: $1,200.00