CNA Testing

Option 1. Headmaster California Nurse Aide Examination

Digital knowledge examination & In person skill demonstration (30 min)

Test Registration: Once your registration record is in the D&SDT-Headmaster TestMaster Universe© (TMU©) database, you may schedule your exam date online at the California TMU© webpage,, using your Email or Username and Password.

If you are unable to sign in with your email, please call D&SDT-Headmaster for assistance at (800)393-8664. Securely processed Visa or MasterCard credit card or debit card information is required when scheduling online. After paying your testing fees, you will be able to schedule and/or reschedule up to one full business day prior to a scheduled test date of your choice.

Once you’ve completed your clinicals and paid your tuition in full, you may request access to the TMU by contacted McKallen Medical staff. You’ll receive your test registration notification by email, text, or by signing in to your account. You may login with any Internet connected device. You will be scheduled to take your initial knowledge and skill tests on the same day.
To schedule or reschedule your test date, sign in to the California TMU© webpage at: with your Email or Username and Password. If you are unable to schedule/reschedule on-line, please call D&SDT-Headmaster at (800)393-8664 for assistance.


  • Your original 283B form (Section 6 must be signed by the Program Director)
  • Social Security Card
  • Current government photo ID must all show the exact same legal first and last names.

For questions regarding: testing process, test scheduling and eligibility to test Please call: (800) 393-8664

Please call : (916) 327-2445 or (800) 236-9747 for questions regarding:

  • Obtaining information on official regulations and guidelines for nurse aides
  • Updating your name, address or requesting a duplicate CNA certificate
  • Verification of current nurse aide certification
  • Renewal, reciprocity and equivalency information
  • Obtaining information regarding approved training programs

Option 2: Regional Testing Center & Credentia Testing Services

In-person Written Examination & Skills demonstration (30min)

Download Test Registration Form: Click Here

Testing Location: McKallen Medical
Test Site ID: #5503 Ontario or #5520 Westminister

Important Registration Information:
Registration forms/fees must be received in the Regional Testing Center (RTC) office at least 20 business days before the exam; earlier is better. Once registered, the RTC will mail a letter or email to the candidate. This will include test date, test time, test site location address, and instructions on what to bring to the exam. Confirmation letters and email are not required, they are a courtesy.

If you do not receive a confirmation letter or email one week before your requested exam date, you may contact the RTC to confirm your registration.


  • Your original 283B form (Section 6 must be signed by the Program Director)
  • Social Security Card
  • Envelope and a stamp
  • #2 pencil for the Knowledge exam
  • Current government photo ID must all show the exact same legal first and last names.

How to Register for the Credentia Exam


1. Complete CNA Registration (Front & Back)

  1. Incomplete registration forms will be mailed back.
  2. If you are taking a CNA course, the California Training ID and end date can be found on your 283B Form.
  3. If you are renewing your license or equivalency, Sponsor ID and approval date can be found on your Approval Letter/932 Form sent by the CA Department of Public Health (CDPH).


2. Choose Exam Date

  1. If space is available, the candidate will be registered for their 1st choice
  2. If 1st choice is unavailable, the candidate will be registered for 2nd choice.
  3. If both choices are unavailable, the candidate will be contacted by email or phone to choose a new test date/location
  4. If a candidate cannot be reached, registration form/fees will be mailed back to the candidate.


Include Testing Fees (money order or cashier’s check only) Money Orders can be purchased at a local post office, bank, or Western Union

Make the Cashier’s Check or Money Order payable to Regional Testing Center
Written and the Manual Skills Examination— $120

Retake the Written Examination—$40
Retake the Manual Skills Examination—$80
Reschedule Fee for Written/Oral and Skills Examination (Applies for all missed/absent/cancelled exams)
Rescheduled Manual Exam — $25
Rescheduled Written Exam — $25


3. Mail Complete form & Payment to the Regional Testing Center (Southern California Only)

CNA Exam Registration form MUST BE completely filled out.(front & back)


Regional Testing Center Golden West College

15744 Golden West Street Forum I, Room 112A

Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Phone: (714) 895-8708
Fax: (714) 895-8994


Contact Credentia DIRECTLY to:

  • Obtain information regarding your Score Report
  • Request a duplicate Score Report

Contact Information: (888) 204-6186


Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm EST


  • Covid Precautions

    When attending the class you will have your own equipment for use. You may bring and wear a mask for class.If you have a fever or signs of illness or have been in contact with someone who may have been we ask that you not attend class. Let us know and we will reschedule you at no extra cost. Our goal is to keep our customers safe and still provide excellent service. If you have any questions please give us a call.

  • When will MY CPR/BLS card be available?

    The card will be available immediately via email after the skills evaluation. You can download your card sent directly from the American Heart Association.

  • Who Teaches the CPR/BLS Class?

    Your class will be taught by one of our professional nurses or Licensed vocational nurse. All of the instructors have performed CPR in real life and will be able to teach you from their first hand experience.

  • Can an instructor come to my office or home to teach a BLS/ACLS/PALS class?

    Absolutely, call our office at 747-225-6776 for more information!
    All of our courses are based off the American Heart Association Guidelines. We have never had a single problem with this certification. It is 100% guaranteed. All of our certifications are valid for 2 years.

  • How do I pay for the class?

    You can register online 24 hours a day by choosing a class listed on our home page. If you’d like to pay by cash or money order, you can come into our main office (9253 Hermosa Ave Rancho Cucamonga, Ca 91730) to register 30 min before the class.

  • What should I wear?

    The class involves hands-on practice so it is best if you wear a scrub top and bottom that you can move around in. If you have long hair it’s best to wear it back.

  • Cancellation Policy

    REGISTRATION AND CANCELLATION POLICY: By registering for the class, you acknowledge, understand and agree to the following: ALL FEES paid for the class, service or product along with any deposits ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. BE ADVISED BEFORE REGISTERING AND SUBMITTING PAYMENT, THERE IS 100% NO CIRCUMSTANCE WHERE A REFUND WILL BE ISSUED (including student cancellations, company cancellations, "Acts of God", natural disasters, state of emergency, terrorism, global or national pandemic, "change of heart", student discovery of no need or no want to take a class, obtain a service or product, etc. The deposit and/or fee holds your seat for the class. You also acknowledge that you have read and understand the Class Description for the class for which you have registered and that you have registered for the appropriate class. You may contact McKallen Medical Training at any time with questions about a class before registering, but once you pay for the class, all fees are non-refundable. You agree to read the Confirmation and Reminder Emails emailed to the email address you provided in their entirety, and are responsible for the information included in those emails. You agree to have McKallen Medical training debit your bank account for the class amount via 3rd party systems, and you authorize the transaction by entering in your contact and banking information at the time of registration. You are responsible for providing and/or updating your correct contact information during and after class registration as needed (email address, mailing address, phone number) so that you may receive correspondence in a timely manner. Any remaining balances are due at the start of class and must be paid in cash. IF YOU ARE MORE THAN 5 MINUTES LATE TO THE CLASSROOM SESSION YOU WILL NEED TO RESCHEDULE. YOU WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO ENTER THE CLASS. NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED. Note: In order for your fees paid or deposit to apply, you must reschedule your class within 30 days from your original class date. Rescheduling opportunities are based on class availability.

    McKallen Medical Training strives to provide a very professional and respectful learning environment for all students. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. If you are found to be disruptive to the staff, instructors or students at anytime before or during the class you will be asked to leave the class immediately and all fees paid and certifications will be forfeited. Please contact us with any questions you may have before registering for and attending the class. If needed, PLEASE CALL OR TEXT TO RESCHEDULE YOUR CLASS. PLEASE DO NOT RE-BOOK OR CREATE MULTIPLE BOOKINGS ONLINE. Thank you!

  • How Long is the CNA Training?

    The classes are 6 or 11 weeks long, Theory is taught during the first 3-5 weeks and the clinicals are completed at the skilled nursing facilities.

  • What days are classes held?
    • Theory Classes are held Monday through Thursday (Week 1-3) or Saturday & Sunday (Week 1-5)
    • The online classes are live classes taught via Zoom, you must be logged on to participate in the class
    • Clinicals are held Monday through Thursday (Weekday Clinicals: Week 4-6) or Saturday & Sunday (Weekend Clinicals: Week 2-6)

  • What if I miss a class?

    The class time missed will have to made up before receiving a certificate of completion.