All About an Online BLS Certification

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All About an Online BLS Certification

What is BLS?

The Basic Life Support (BLS) course trains you to recognize life-threatening emergencies in order to deliver the proper resuscitation techniques that include high-quality chest compressions, ventilation, and the use of an AED.

What is the difference between BLS and CPR?

One of the major differences between BLS and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is the intended audience.


The BLS courses include CPR, but are usually more complex and are based on working in a team environment. People that take this course work as healthcare professionals such as first responders and healthcare providers. AS BLS involves an initial assessment, maintenance of the person’s airway, and CPR. These life-saving techniques are done until advanced medical attention at a hospital setting is provided. 


The CPR course includes people from different backgrounds such as babysitters, gym instructors, and teachers. This course teaches you the essential components needed to perform the CPR technique as a single rescuer on friends, family, and co-workers during low-risk scenarios. These techniques include blowing air into the mouth of a victim to keep oxygen moving through their body, and performing chest compressions that help the heart keep beating. These techniques are done until emergency personnel arrive.

Who would benefit from a BLS certification?

If you are in the medical profession, BLS certification is a no-brainer. However, if you are in other professions you can also benefit from a BLS certification. A BLS class will teach you how to provide rescue care, and properly use an AED until the proper emergency personnel arrives.

BLS certification online classes

In addition to the traditional in-class setting, you can get BLS certified from the comfort of your own home via convenient online classes which provides you the same information and certification as the in-person class. This online option is perfect for individuals with busy schedules because you can take classes at your leisure.

Benefits of online BLS certification classes

Complete Coursework from Anywhere

If you can access the internet, you can complete this BLS course from anywhere. By having this added flexibility when it comes to location is what is making online courses popular.


A great benefit to taking online skills courses is the student’s ability to review the course content at their own pace and preferences. This differs from the traditional classroom setting where you can only complete the course work during that specific timeframe. By completing the course online allows you to review the course modules whenever you want.

Online Courses Have the Most Updated Information

Unlike traditional in-person classes, online courses contain updated standards that were published within recent days. Obviously, traditional courses provide the latest information as well, but they rely on pre-existing textbooks when teaching students, and there may be a delay in getting any recent, immediate changes to the student.

What are the advantages of a BLS certification

A number of events can result in serious injury to people, including the inability to breath. These events require you to be knowledgeable, and have the ability to act fast and provide assistance. Here at McKallen Medical, we offer this life saving training based on the American Heart Association guidelines which prepare you to provide basic life support in emergency situations. Here are a few benefits of having a BLS certification.

Always prepared

A benefit of being BLS certified is having the ability to always be prepared in case an emergency situation occurs, that would require you to take action no matter where you are. The knowledge gained from knowing basic life saving techniques will prepare you to help others whether you are working or on your own time.

Builds confidence

Confidence is vital when it comes to emergency situations that will require you to provide life-saving techniques such as BLS. Becoming BLS certified will give you the confidence needed to act quickly without hesitation by having control of the situation and direct others accordingly.

Career opportunities

When you are looking for employment in certain fields, employers look to see if you already are BLS certified, and look favorably at those that are. Additionally, in other cases employers may require you to be BLS certified as part of their employment criteria.

Skills for emergency situations

BLS certification means that you will be prepared to provide assistance at home, on vacation, or wherever an emergent situation arises. Our online training courses will prepare you to handle a range of situations from someone choking to helping someone that is having a heart attack. 

What you’ll learn from BLS certification online course

Online BLS certification follows the American Heart Association guidelines, and provides the same education and skills that are given in the traditional in-class setting. You will learn to:

To assess a situation

You will learn how to recognize when an emergency situation for a child or adult is happening through proper assessment techniques.

Adult, child, and infant CPR

You will be able to perform adult, child, and infant CPR which all have different practice guidelines.

Conscious and unconscious choking for victims of all ages

You will be able to perform the proper life-saving techniques for conscious and unconscious choking victims.

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) use

An AED is a device that is used when a person’s heart stops, and no heartbeat is present. It sends an electric shock to the victim to restore a heartbeat. You will learn to properly use an automated external defibrillator (AED) in adults, children, and infants.

Breathing barriers, Bag valve masks, and 2 Rescuer CPR

Emergency situations may require the use of emergency rescue breathing. You will learn how to properly use breathing barriers, bag valve masks, and how to do 2-rescuer CPR that enables you to assist with patients that are having difficulty breathing or that have other emergency situations such as cardiac arrest.

Cardiopulmonary emergencies and special resuscitation situations

You will learn to recognize cardiopulmonary emergencies and special resuscitation situations that will require BLS techniques.

Can I get my BLS certificate online?

Yes! BLS classes are available online, and are easy to access and complete. All you need to have to complete the online BLS certification is internet access, a smart phone, laptop, or computer.

How long is the course?

Here at McKallen Medical, our online BLS certification course lasts approximately 3 hours. The time will depend on  if the class is a new certification or renewal.

How long does a BLS certification last?

The BLS certification lasts up to two years from the date on your certificate.

Cost and re-certification

The costs of the BLS certification varies depending if it is an initial, or renewal certification. Our fee for the initial certification is $65, and for the renewal $55.

What career path could a BLS certification be used/aid in?

A BLS certification is required for many individuals in the medical profession, but can also benefit others. Being BLS certified is a resume booster, and many employers look favorably to those that already have this certification. A BLS certification can be used in the following career paths: 

●        EMT

●        Nurse

●        Life guards

●        Teachers

●        Paramedic

●        Fire Fighters

●        Baby sitters

  • Certified Nurse Assistants

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